tipografia euronova
Euronova - Indoors, Outdoors


These prints are designed for outside exposure. The average lifespan of such a print is about 3-5 years. The materials used are mesh, poliplan, and blueback paper.
For printing we use two very powerful pieces of equipment:

  • a Gandiinnovations Jeti 3312 standing at 3.2 meters (width) and a speed of up to 100 meters per hour (made in Canada and purchased in September 2008).
  • a Mutoh Toucan at 1.6 meters (width) and a speed of up to 70 meters per hour (made in Japan). The maximum width for prints is of 3.2 meters.
  • a Mutoh Blizzard at 1.6 meters (width) and a speed of up to 40 meters per hour with an exceptional quality of print.

We can print:

  • Meshes of any dimensions – which is a textured, perforated material made out of plastic. Printing on mesh is very easy and very resistant. Because of its structure it allows the passing of light through it. Mesh printing is used in covering the sides of buildings. The final touches are done for free and consist of the doubling of the sides of the material (so that the material lasts even longer) as well as the bonding together of the different strips of mesh, and stapling. The adhesion is done with a CIF machine.
  • Poliplan Backlite - for lit display cases.
  • Poliplan Frontlite
  • Poliplan blockout - poliplan paper with carbon insertions (to ensure opacity). It is used especially for double sided outdoor banners. The poliplan used is very resistant to severe weather (wind, rain, intense sun, snow). We also assure the free finishing touches of the banners (stapling, re-enforcement, pockets for piping going through, wind perforations).
  • Citylight paper - the paper is 150 grams per meters squared and is satin-like. The print has an exceptional quality and is resistant to UV light. This type of print is used successfully for outside posting; posters with outdoor exposure but also for more sophisticated work with indoor exposure.
  • Blueback paper - is the paper with the blue back used for street posting. It is pasted with aracet (a type of paper glue) without the deformation or destruction of the print. The print is UV rays and water resistant. The printing solution is very advantageous financially.
  • Polychrome vinyl foil - the printed vinyl can be opaque or glossy, white or transparent. It is mostly used for auto inscriptions or outdoor panels, windows, or lit display cases. Given the exceptional quality of the print it can also be used for indoor posting. The print is UV rays and water resistant, lamination not being necessary unless it is being used on cars. It can be printed on any sort of vinyl, depending on the client's necessity (for cars, for lit display cases, etc.). The vinyl used for the print can be stretched with water. It can be put on a rigid support such as FOREX, MAKROLON, FOAM, undulated cardboard, etc.