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Euronova - Indoors, Outdoors


These prints are designed for inside exposure. The prints are of an exceptional quality and are made so as to look fantastic even from close up. The materials used are paper, backlite foil, canvas, vinyl foil.
For printing we use state of the art technology which ensures an impressive quality but also great speed in production.

  • one Mutoh Blizzard printer at 1.6 meters (width) with 8 Epson printing heads for photographic resolution.
  • two Encad NovaJet850 printers at 1.5 meters (width) with 8 printing heads (made in the U.S.A.).
  • one Develop Ineo+ 252P digital laser printer, A3+ format (made in Germany).

We can print:

  • Polychrome posters on paper - prints of an exceptional quality. The product is made for indoor posting. The paper is of 160-200 grams per meters squared.
  • Polypropylene for systems dedicated to presenting material (Roll-ups, Spiders, etc).
  • Polychrome adhesive paper for showcases or sampling tables, desks, etc.
  • Backlite prints for lit display cases - is a white transparent foil (sort of milky colored).Print quality is fantastic! It is used for lit display cases with indoor exposure. The colors are very well saturated and very lively.
  • Paintings on canvases.
  • Vinyls with great resolution.
  • Brochures and other small prints for presenting purposes.

Roll-ups are modern presenting system which insures the success of the event. Very easy to use and to transport. Includes a specialized transport cover made out of a light resistant metal alloy.
For their printing we can use polypropylene or paper laminated opaquely or glossily. The dimensions are 80 or 85 by 200 cm, 100 by 200 cm, 120 by 200 cm.
At the purchase of the roll-up you receive the print and assembly for free. The major advantage is that the print can change while the ulterior assembly remains free.