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euronova Our company, Euro Nova is specialized in the execution of publicity prints of large dimensions and of everything that means polychromy of photo quality.
We are addressing everyone who is in need of printed images without concerns regarding "too small of a quantity" or "too large dimensions".
Regarding prints of large dimensions, the quality of the products, low prices, speedy execution, and the kindness and the earnestness of our team we rank much higher than similar producers existent on the market today.
We produce in the shortest time with the best quality the most durable prints!
The maximum resolution is of 720 dpi and the print speed can reach up to 1000 meters per day.
Sounds good, right?
The term of execution is small and the materials used are of the best quality!
We carry out the production in a modern space of 400 meters squared. The production hall and the offices were built recently and are close together so that we may have maximum efficiency in the finishing of orders. The equipment used is the latest in modern technology and the quality of our product is at the highest standard.