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Euronova - Indoors, Outdoors

About Us

team euronova The company was founded in early 2000. The constant expansion and the development of a permanently growing portfolio of clients have brought us well deserved acclaim. Today we are among the top profile publishers, the high quality and low prices of our products being a defining trait for us.
The team is made up of young adults, well instructed and with a lot of experience in working with clients. We know very well what a short deadline means and we invariably resolve the requests of our clients. We see each client as a friend and we offer not only an execution but also a solution to problems specific to the publicity production field.

The equipment we use is produced in North America as well as Japan and Europe. In purchasing them we made sure that they will be able to carry out the most demanding of expectations. Thus we have the possibility to print over 1000 square meters per day of the best quality at the lowest of prices.

In short, here's what it's all about:

         a Gandiinnovations Jeti 3312 standing at 3.2 meters (width) and a speed of up to 100 meters per hour (made in Canada and purchased in September 2008).
         a Mutoh Blizzard at 1.6 meters (width) with photo quality and a speed of up to 40 meters per hour (made in Belgium).
         a Mutoh Toucan at 1.6 meters (width) and a speed of up to 70 meters per hour (made in Japan).
         an Encad digital printer at 1.6 meters (width) for the production of indoor prints (made in the U.S.A.).
         a Develop digital printer in A3+ format (made in Germany).
         a Biederman laminator at 1.6 meters (width) (made in Germany)

euronova We carry out the production in a space of 400 meters squared. The production hall and the offices were built recently and are close together so that we may have maximum efficiency in the finishing of orders. The equipment used is the latest in modern technology and the quality of our product is at the highest standard.